Entrance fees

There are so many great and interesting linguistic topics to hear about and discuss that the conference is split up in two days - April 13th and April 14th 2018. It is possible to attend either of the two or both days -- different entrance charges apply. Below you will find the different entrance prices for all options for Early Bird and on-site registration.

Early Bird

Registration and payment completed before April 8th 23:59 CET):

    Entrance fee for a single day:       €6,-
    Entrance fee for both days:           €10,-

On site registration

On either Friday the 13th or Saturday the 14th of April, on arrival):

    Single-day entrance:                       €7,50
    Entrance for both days:                  €15,-

If you register early, your entrance fee of €6,- or €10,- will have to be received by us on April 8th 23:59 CET. Please address your transfer to Studievereniging T.W.I.S.T., bank account number NL72INGB0001612125, and include 'TWIST Conference 2018' and your name in the payment description. We will check payments regularly and let you know whether we have received your payment or not.

If you choose to register on the day itself, you will need to bring your entrance fee of €7,50 or €15,- in cash and pay at the registration desk. Please note there are cash machines in Leiden but not in the immediate proximity of the faculty building where the conference will take place, so make sure you have your entrance fee with you once you are on your way to attend the conference.

Speakers will not have to pay the conference fee on the day they're presenting!