Multiple Negation in a Low Franconian Dialect
Wouter Taheij
(Utrecht University)
Friday (April 21st), 14:15-15:15 (Poster presentation round)
'Café Noord' (
Matthias de Vrieshof coffee room)

This BA-thesis uses Roosendaals, a Low Franconian dialect, to investigate the distinction between Negative Concord and Emphatic Negation. I follow Zeijlstra (2004) in his four criteria to distinguish between these types of multiple negation. However, it is shown that these criteria cannot provide us with transparent tests to classify languages in these two categories. I argue that Negative Concord and Emphatic Negation are not to be seen as different categories but as having the same underlying mechanism. The described differences must be explained as microvariation in between languages. To further explore this point close related languages such as West-Flemish, Afrikaans and Transvaals are studied. Next, Roosendaals is compared to these languages. I demonstrate that the variation found can be explained by the setting of several filters.