English loanwords in Dutch
Leya Egilmez
(University of Amsterdam)
Friday (April 21st), 15:15-15:40
Lipsius 148

This research will focus on English loanwords in Dutch. More specifically the consonant sound voiced palato-alveolar affricate /ʤ/, such as in the English word ‘jeep.’ This research will analyse how this loan sound from English functions within the Dutch language according to the prescribed pronunciation in dictionaries and afterwards experiments conducted with participants about how this sound is actually produced. A similar study is done by Greisbach (2003) with the English voiced palato-alveolar affricate. Thus, basically first a comparison of changes between the pronunciation of a lexical item in the source language and the target language. Second, investigating of these changes are consistent, and particularly influenced by the phonemic environment, and if these changes are predictable for future loanwords. This research will be set up with data from dictionaries. Furthermore, spoken data (pronunciation of the selected lexical items) will be collected from particpants from different regions from the Netherlands with Praat. This topic is interesting, because adopting loanwords happened yesterday, happens today, and it will happen tomorrow.