Sister conferences

The T.W.I.S.T. conference is not the only student conference for Linguistics! If you're interested in the T.W.I.S.T. conference, you might also want to check out our 'sister conferences' below! 

Studentische Tagung Sprachwissenschaft

The Studentische Tagung Sprachwissenschaft (StuTS) is an independently organized German (and partially English) linguistics conference for various linguistic disciplines, taking place once every semester, usually at a university in Germany or one of the surrounding countries. The aim of the StuTS is to bring together students from all linguistic disciplines and give them the opportunity to get to know each other and to exchange information. You can find more information about it on their website:

Undergraduate Linguistics Association of Britain annual conference

The annual Undergraduate Linguistics Association of Britain (ULAB) conference is organised at a different British university every year for linguistics students to present their work and showcase undergraduate research in language sciences. Abstract submissions for in all areas of linguistics are invited, from students in the UK and elsewhere. The conference features presentations by invited plenary speakers, as well as student presentations, poster sessions and an information session on postgraduate studies in languages and linguistics. The next ULAB conference will take place on the 9th to 11th of April 2018 at the University of Edinburgh. 
More information can be found on their website: