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How to share your powerpoint

In Crowdcast, it's possible to share your PowerPoint presentation while you can see your speaker notes at the same time, without the audience seeing them.

Step 1: Open Crowdcast

For this tutorial, we will use the setup tool: https://www.crowdcast.io/setup

Step 2: Open your PowerPoint presentation

And start the slideshow.

Step 3: Go back to the Crowdcast webpage

But don't close your PowerPoint presentation! You can use Alt+TAB to go back, or press the Windows Start key to reveal your taskbar.

Step 4: Try sharing your screen

In the setup, click "Test screenshare". In the real event, there is a small button, but the idea is the same.

Step 5: Go to the tab "Application window" and select the window "PowerPoint Slide Show"

And click share. You will now automatically go back to your PowerPoint presentation.

Step 6: Open "Presenter view" in the bottom left corner


You are now in Presenter Mode. In this window, you can see your speaker notes on the right and you can control your presentation that is running in the background.

The audience cannot see this presenter mode. They only see the slideshow that is running in the background.

In this mode, you can also see the elapsed time, and you can use various tools such as drawing or zooming in.

We hope this will help you deliver an excellent presentation!

See you at the Conference.