T.W.I.S.T. conference committee 2021-2022

In the top row from left to right: Bart Lievaart (treasurer), Iris Dijkstra (chairperson), Alysia Halma (secretary), Kenya Ronde (commissioner promotion).

In the bottom row from left to right: Annemarie van Heerwaarden (commissioner internal communication), Veronika Voevodina (commissioner external communication).

Iris Dijkstra (chairperson)

Hi everyone! I’m Iris, I’m 23 and this year I am the chairperson of the conference committee. I study descriptive linguistics, and beyond that I’m interested in religion and history. I love knitting, reading and (folk)dancing and of course the music that goes along with that. I hope to see you at the Conference this year!

Bart Lievaart (treasurer)

Hi dear people! I’m Bart, 26, and I am this year’s treasurer. I’m in the first year of my linguistics studies. My grandmother was a piano teacher, and some of my favorite childhood memories include going to her house on Sundays for soup and piano lessons. I was never great at it, but it did teach me the joy of expressing yourself through music. I’m looking forward to everyone’s contributions at the Conference!

Alysia Halma (secretary)

Hiya! My name is Alysia and I'm 22 years old, studying BA Linguistics student at Leiden University, following the Cognition track. This year, I'm also the secretary of the conference committee! I enjoy making and listening to music in my free time (and any other time I can get away with it, really). I'm having fun taking part in the organisation of the T.W.I.S.T. Conference, and I hope you'll have just as much fun attending or even presenting your own topic!

Annemarie van Heerwaarden (commissioner internal communication)

Hi everyone! My name is Annemarie, I’m a 21 year old BA Linguistics student, as well as this year’s representative T.W.I.S.T. board member in the Conference. In my free time, I enjoy playing guitar, drawing syntax trees, reading a book with a hot chocolate and a blanket, and I am a diehard Orla Gartland fan (iykyk). I’m beyond excited to be a part of this year’s T.W.I.S.T. Conference, I hope you’ll be just as excited to attend too!

Veronika Voevodina (commissioner external communication)

Hi everyone! I’m Veronika, 21, in my 3rd year of BA Linguistics, studying Language and Cognition. I am also an amateur musician (I play the flute, and a bit of piano and guitar now and then) and I particularly enjoy playing together with someone: it reminds me of exchanging ideas in a conversation. In the committee I am the commissioner external relations. Very excited to hear your talks and meet you at the conference!

Kenya Ronde (commissioner promotion)

Hi all! My name is Kenya, I’m 22 and I’m currently doing a Pre-master’s in Linguistics. This year I’m fulfilling the role of Commissioner Promotion within the committee! In my free time I like to read, cook, or play bass/drums, and I always find time for a little dance throughout the day 🕺.

I am very excited to be part of this year’s committee and I can’t wait to see everyone at the conference!

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Who organizes the Conference?

The conference is organized by the Conference Committee of Studievereniging T.W.I.S.T., the study association for Linguistics at Leiden University.